Saturday, 28 May 2016

Welcome To...

A supercut video of characters saying 'welcome to...' in 74 different movies.

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Parque De Bombas: The Old Ponce Fire Station

image credit: Ken and Nyetta

One of Ponce's most recognizable landmarks is Parque de Bombas, the city's old firehouse building and now a firefighting museum.

This brightly colored red and black candy striped building, located at the Plaza Las Delicias town square, directly behind the Ponce Cathedral, was Puerto Rico's first ever fire station.

The Mailman

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Stunning Footage: Animal Migrations In Yellowstone

Some of the world's most incredible animal migrations take place in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Among them are a 120-mile pronghorn migration and nine elk herds with unique migration patterns.

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19 Authors And Their Typewriters

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In the more than 100 years between the widespread introduction of the typewriter and the rise of the word processor, a great many masterpieces have been produced on the handy office machines. Some of those machines are still around, and some are still in use.

Here are 19 authors and their typewriters.

The Illusion Of RGB Screens

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When an animal sees a computer screen, it doesn't see the same colours as you do because our monitors only properly work for humans. When seen from a normal distance, the screen looks uniformly white. How is that possible? Due to an illusion. An illusion that only perfectly works for humans, not for animals.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Could You Survive 2.5 Million Years Ago?

We often take things like medicine and science for granted. Would you be able to survive on the Earth millions of years ago?

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Lane Motor Museum Oddball Cars: Marques You've Never Heard Of

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Lane Motor Museum is located in Nashville, Tennessee and features a collection of mostly European automobiles. This very special collection is absolutely chock-full-o surprisingly delightful examples of the automotively obscure and unknown. Many of the kookiest cars and trucks in the collection are laughably bad home-built one-offs.

What's Inside The Box?

What's inside the box? is a new Bart Bonte game. There are a lot of puzzles inside the box. Can you solve all 30 and discover what is hidden inside?

More Bart Bonte games.

Monkey Moon

About a poor monkey that is casually enjoying his banana in the jungle when he suddenly gets captured and thrown into space.

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The Biodôme At The Olympic Park In Montréal

The Biodôme is a small zoo housed in the former Olympic velodrome. Inside, you'll find five distinct ecosystems, as well as some of the animals who call them home.

Dwarfed by the Olympic Stadium to which it's adjacent, the Biodôme doesn't look like much from the outside. But inside, an illusion of immense space has been created, and each of the five ecosystems are surprisingly spacious.

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China Unveils 'Straddling Bus' Design To Beat Traffic Jams

image credit YouTube

A Beijing company has unveiled spectacularly futuristic designs for a pollution-busting, elevated bus capable of gliding over the nightmarish mega-jams for which urban China has become notorious.

Plans for the so-called Transit Explore Bus were showcased earlier this month at a technology expo in the Chinese capital. The 'straddling bus' is supported by two legs that run along rails laid along the roadside.

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Here's What Really Happens To Your Body When You Swallow Gum

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You might have heard the rumours as a kid: Swallow gum and it will sit stubbornly in your stomach for seven long years.

But what does science have to say about that? Reactions, a video series from the American Chemical Society, traced the steps taken by our body's digestive system to find out that while some of the gum we chew can survive digestion, it doesn't mean the gum you swallowed in grade school is still there.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Elephant Falls Asleep After Lullaby

Even though Faamai is a big elephant, every time she hears caretaker Lek sing a lullaby she still falls asleep at the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand.

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Meet 'Deadshot Mary,' A 1930s Undercover Cop Superstar

image credit Library of Congress

On June 20th, 1938, pedestrians near Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan were treated to a scene right out of a dime store novel. A well-dressed middle-aged woman was fighting with a man, attempting to subdue him. He pushed her in the face, and she retaliated, knocking him into submission with a swing of her long strapped pocket book.

The man was lucky she did not use the gun tucked carefully into the folds of her dress. The man was a suspected jewel thief, and his captor was an undercover policewoman with the press sobriquet of 'Deadshot Mary.'

The Eater Guide To The Whole Entire World

Tapas at the bar in Barcelona, perfect roast goose in Hong Kong, dinner in a vineyard outside Melbourne, and brunch on a terrace in São Paulo - when we travel now, we travel to eat. But global restaurant-hopping goes beyond that perfect iconic essential dish: Restaurants and bars are an opportunity to slip into daily life and experience a city's unique rhythm.

The Eater Guide tapped dozens of local experts to open the doors to the best, the coolest, the weirdest and most inspiring culinary experiences a traveler can have.

How Long Would It Take To Fall Through The Earth?

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Find Your Career In The House-Building Industry

A video created by the National House-Building Council in the UK. The video, created using animated Lego, has been produced to encourage youngsters and educate them about the hundreds of roles in the house-building industry.

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The Best Whiskey Stones Of 2016

Whether you're a novice or experienced whiskey drinker, chances are you've at least heard of whiskey stones. Whiskey stones can be put in a freezer and later used in place of ice cubes to chill alcoholic beverages without diluting.

These were first introduced around 2007. Most whiskey stones feature a semi-polished finish, retaining the soft look of natural soapstone, while others are highly polished.

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Why That Stupid Song Is Stuck In Your Head And How to Get It Out

image credit: Joe Loong

It's usually just a single line of a song going around and around in your head that just won't stop. That nasty little earworm can keep you awake especially when you really need to sleep and can become the idiotically repetitive soundtrack to everything you do.

According to research, 98% of individuals experience earworms. Women and men experience the phenomenon equally often, but earworms tend to last longer for women and irritate them more.